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    Focus on your product — not transactions, smart contracts, or passwords.

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    🛡️Unfurl is a low/no code solution for authenticationorization ----

    It works with all ...

    • Platforms

    • Services

    • Languages

    and many ...

    • Wallets

    • Networks

      • Ethereum Main Network
      • Rinkeby Test Network
    • Currencies

      • 🪙 any erc20 currency! 😲

    Why You need 🛡️Unfurl:

    • Less Risk 📦

      Reduced time-to-market

      Implementing authentication and authorization even for a traditional subscription-based service can take weeks of dev time and any mistakes cost you time, and trust.

      With Unfurl you can be live today.

    • Credible 🤝

      Convert more paid users

      The Web3 experience can be nail biting and gives users a lot of time to question if you're someone they can trust.

      A smoother, more familiar experience helps bridge the chasm.

    • Free 🤑

      No credit card needed

      Fair use of our hosted service is free. Should our service ever cease, our self-hosted open-source solution is available.

      Paid tiers will be available in the future for larger enterprises.

    And your users will 💞 the:

    • Ease 🤗

      SSO — The familiar Web2.0 experience

      You only need to connect once with Unfurl. Thereafter, it works just like Sign in with Google, Apple, or Facebook for any 3rd party service.

    • Privacy 👀

      Protect your address

      You control what you share with each service provider. Most only need to know the level of your active subscription (e.g. basic, pro, or business).

    • Security 🔐

      OpenID Connect compliant

      By complying to standards and leveraging frameworks that represent the combined public trust of the open community of developers, vendors, and users, Unfurl means you needn't rely on the lone development team of each app you use.

    Use 🛡️Unfurl like any other Identity Provider

    The difference is we'll provide claims for the user's subscription NFTs.


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