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  • 🔐 Lock-Role Mapping

    Give your keyholders' special access
    by defining the relationship between your locks and authorization roles

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    Where can we send users after login? 🪃

    Would you like to know more?

    Each time you send a user to login to 🛡️Unfurl, you specify a redirect url 🔗.

    Unfurl will redirect the user upon successful login, but as a security measure, the specified url must be registered here.

    • These urls should be on your apps domain.
    • These urls must be protected with https.
    • This is the only required configuration field.
    • Only one url is required.
    • If you have any issues, please contact us.
    Redirect URIs
    • uri
  • 🛡Unfurling your App

    As an OIDC Provider, Unfurl easily integrates with everything.

    Usually this just means telling your current tools who we are: https://auth.unfurl-connect.com and your CLIENT_ID

    Check out the examples below.

    const { auth } = require('express-openid-connect');
        issuerBaseURL: 'https://auth.unfurl-connect.com',
        baseURL: 'https://YOUR_APPLICATION_ROOT_URL',
        clientID: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
        secret: '***********************',
        response_type: 'code',
        response_mode: 'form_post',
        scope: 'openid offline_access roles',
        claims: {
          id_token: {"roles": { "essential" : true } }

    ExpressJS (server-client)

    In this example, you would need https://YOUR_APPLICATION_ROOT_URL/callback in "Redirect URIs" above.

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